Thursday, April 10, 2014

a year of mountains.

it's been a year today since i arrived in vancouver.
stopped the car, unpacked, and smiled about the idea of nothingness (and everything-ness) in my future. 
and now, a year later, the future has been filled with lots of everything. happiness and sadness both. tears and smiles and laughter and trips and memories that i neither regret making, nor could live without - as i always know there's more coming. always more. 
i received an email today from an old friend. one who i thought had slipped away. and it brought me right back - back to where i needed to be. reminded that the past created who i am, and the future can be determined by it. and while there is so much tied to letting go, i am fond of the idea of embracing and erusing the past. it's part of me, and i won't let go of it. 
and so, i move forward. and i imagine what the next year will be like. and i reinvest in things of the past, and i prepare myself for the things ahead of me. 
and one way or another, i will conitinue to look at a face in the mirror that belongs to me. each day. 
a year brings a lot. to another year. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

my weekend in summary

it was a weekend of outdoors. greyness was the tone of it all, and yet, there is always beauty in a covered space.
i love the stop i wait for the bus at immenlsey - there's this beautiful cross section of wires that seem so symbolic as i watch all walks of life around me. i can't help but take photo after photo; can't sleep - headlamp in bed; boys adventuring in the smoky clouds; the rock over deep cove - no matter how many times i end up on this rock, i can't get enough of it; taking in life; the sun finally came out as i was heading to work. perfect ending. 
as an addendum - this weekend was the 20th anniversary of kurt cobain's death. there is not enough to say, that can be said to say, the world is in his debt. for reasons innumerable - whether a fan, a lover, a follower, or not... it's all worth something, and he brought it to us. and today, peaches geldof was found dead at 25, and we are all reminded that life is a flash, and then it's gone... and at the very least, make it meaningful, and impressionable, and make sure someone remembers your name.

Friday, April 4, 2014

things i'm in love with

this week has been weird. i've indulged in several conversations about loves / hates, and all that comes along with a feeling of discontent. and, as such, my mind is reeling - throwing back and forth between those things.
i find when i'm in a mood like that, i end up settling on things - music, art, etc. - that mirror that.
some things i'm in love with this week.
doesn't matter how many photography series i see of children around the world with their belongings, in their homes, or where they sleep... i'm in love with the diversity of them all. it always brings something to mind, for what is missing in our global education. so, obviously, i'm totally in love with
james mollison's project, 'where children sleep'. beautiful and dignified portraits of children from many walks of life, and where they find solitude and safety enough to submit to sleep.

this piece on leather as the perfect wardrobe piece.

and then, music like this.... meloncholy, unsettling, strangly haunting music. one of my faves from long ago.

happy weekend everyone

Thursday, April 3, 2014

intersecting lines.

it's all angular, isn't it. the way we see ourselves in the world, and the way we see the world around us. lines of dictation - in the streets, in the conceptual world of where we exist in between our steps. every now and again intersection and throwing us into a perpetual inconsistency.
it's a wonder we can figure out which way we're going at all.
and yet, we do.

Monday, March 31, 2014

one of those march days.

my weekend in summary

a weekend filled with art, and the finer things. (NSFW)
friday nights call for classy beer; art at the gallery - my kinda art; the clouds over the city; new books and familiar ideas; 'it happens at night'; some new pieces, and some repairs to a few old favourites; boy jeans and girl shoes. 
hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

things i'm in love with

i'm feeling like i'm finally catching up a bit - financially, emotionally, physically (in sleep, specifically).... which is nice, but somehow, despite catching up, i still feel behind. so this weekend i am spending some time filling those gaps - hair done, nails did, er'ything did (that's not true... none of those are being 'did'). 
nevertheless, enjoying the city with some 'cultural events' (read: comedy shows), and beer. dare i say it makes everything better. 
things i'm in love with this week. 
those who know me well, know i'm obsessed with dogs doing people things, or just being abnormally cute. exhibit a. exhibit b. so.... obviously i'm TOTALLY in love with this. obviously. 

I'm super excited to be part of a collaboration at work, with this amazing dance company. and i'm TOTALLY in love with the fact that their show is coming SOON. 

NECO-HIMYM. (read: never enough cast of how i met your mother). neil patrick harris and jason segel sing 'confrontation'. 

that's it this week - mostly because i'm going to go get lost in a neil patrick harris youtube rabbit hole.
happy weekend you juicy peaches. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

just makin' up words

in my family, we make up words like they're going out of style (i guess technically they are, but.... that's a different story). my dad even has his own language which his friends have dubbed 'chopenese' (with the nickname 'chop' you can really begin to have many things named after you).
needless to say, anyone who embraces made up words, is my hero. a lifetime of being mocked for words i truly thought existed causes some sensitivity. rinee shah is doing exactly what i would hope - embracing and illustrating words that people share with their families. giving ME more material. the made up words project. best.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


i had an aging (read: OLD) film that needed using... so i took it out with me - hikinh, ferry trips, everything outdoors (and a little bit of indoor - no flash - exploration). there was something off about it... something grainy and bubbly. i can't figure out what it was, but i'm loving the 70's acid-y look it gave all the photos i ended up with. 
a few from the past year - i tend to take a while with films i have high expectations for.
there's something to mention... this green is what BC is all about. my luck is constantly reflecting my mood. (more photos on my flickr).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"but i think the people genuinely want to get along with each other"

i received an email from a friend yesterday morning - as soon as i woke up. and though he concluded his email with a disclaimer stating 'these are my thoughts. given i have only lived in southern ontario, i don't know that they have any real value'.
i was totally haunted by every piece of what he said.

"i've found that a lot of people that leave toronto miss it. it's hard to explain because it isn't a beautiful city and it has its warts and it takes itself too seriously but i think the people genuinely want to get along with each other and from that part of it there are lots of friends to be made. toronto isn't good at relaxing but i think it wants to be inclusive which makes it a good place to live"

i'd love to say i wrote this. i'd love to say that i'd so fully grasped the english language that i could find some effectivity in banal language - enough so that i could perfectly describe the city that i swear i so intimately know, and so lovingly/fondly keep in my thoughts daily.
not to say i wish to know the lopsided and monotonous side of banality - but instead the side my friend uses so well. the side that holds a thing so delicately that complicated words aren't necessary. instead, the necessity lies only in capturing exactly what it is.
that's all to say.... toronto is just that. and man... i miss it.

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