Monday, November 24, 2014

a strange tale from down by the river

"if there was something to worry about, it was that an important piece was missing from my life. even though i would literally throw myself into things, i was eternally skimming the surface, never truly hearing or seeing the substance. all along, i'd look for surface beauty to hide the emptiness. but perhaps that's what hobbies are for, in the final analysis."
lizard: a strange tale from down by the river, banana yoshimoto

Sunday, November 23, 2014

popped rice

after almost 2 years of dealing with my body revolting against anything and everything, i finally found a naturopath who fit my needs - and who would do food testing for me. turns out, one of my FAVE snacks in the world (stove top popcorn) was essentially torturing me from the inside out (lots of crying and whining insued).
after much reaching out, someone suggested popping rice. like, popcorn. like, i can have rice, in popcorn form. life - HEAVEN. though white rice was a no go, brown and wild are ok, so i did some searching and found that i could, indeed, pop rice. so, i gave it a whirl.
starting with this recipe, i used my own supplies, and lo and behold, i have a new, crunchy, salty snack. dream. world.

popped rice
1/2 teaspoon of butter or coconut oil
1/2 cup wild rice

saucepan with lid
stove (obvs)

heat up saucepan on high heat. when hot, add oil or butter. allow to melt, and then add the rice.  shake to coat rice in oil, and then cover the pot. when you hear the first piece of rice pop, turn heat down to medium, and shake pot vigorously. like popcorn, you will hear the rice begin to pop (much more quietly). as rice begins to slow, continue to shake until you hear only a few pops per second. after this point, rice will burn easily, so listen carefully. once finished, pour into a bowl, sprinkle some salt or seasoning (as desired), and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a quick update while in wait

just arrived home from another trip... and have lots to share! until then, you can find me sharing my adventures on instagram..... @jatshea

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'the way he lived his life, it was all that'

"in all things, especially when it cost little and did no harm to others, Ghosh was his own man. The bow tie told the world how pleased he was to be alive and how much he celebrated his profession, which he called "my romantic and passionate pursuit." The way Ghosh practiced his profession, the way he lived his life, it was all that."
- cutting for stone, abraham verghese

Thursday, November 13, 2014

'the rise and fall of great powers'

i have been a bit quiet lately. and i know i have alluded to many things... big and small... and at this point, i don't have many things to share. lots coming, lots going, and lots in the middle.
it will all come to point, and you can believe i have much happening in this giant head of mine (not kidding - when i was a baby they though i had hydrocephalus), and much reflection has been rolling around.
that is all to say, much will come. and, until then, i'm practicing and learning to allow my soul to be calm and explorative. the world is a wonderful place. and i'm learning it more and more everyday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

you belong

"you belong among the wildflowers. you belong in a boat out at sea.
you belong with your love on your belong somewhere you feel free"
(image from soul arch yoga)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

on process.

I was so honoured to be part of a project at the lululemon lab in which the designers turned on their head what it meant to design - to come at it from a direction they had never worked at before.
my writing was included in a printed zine, released in conjunction with the release of 4 limited edition tshirts. you can check out an extended version of my piece here, along with photos of the beautiful designs. or, if you're in town, pick up a zine at the lab.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

the best place

The best place to turn 30 is in your parents home. After a night of festivities with most of my closest friends and some extended family, and after a day of relaxing and just enjoying being with my parents, the most appropriate way to fall asleep as a 30 year old is in a childhood bed (the one you only got after spending 3 months sleeping on the floor because you were too picky - even when you brought that crying fake baby home from school, that was supposed to be a lesson in not becoming pregnant early - which luckily, instead, became the impetus for my choosing a bed), staring at photos that have been hanging since you put them there in high school. not to mention, my bedspread is leopard print, so there's that.
I keep hearing 30 is incredible - the best of the best. Things happen. Things start moving in your favour and you become one of those people with things I've only ever imagined up until this point in my life - things like 'disposable income' and 'a job you love'. And it starts to be the time for complete and utter wholeness.
And I have to say, that sounds pretty good - for someone who already has a pretty outrageously good life, I'm also pretty ready to see what the universe thinks will up the ante.
I'm totally sure that there is so much more to say about being 30, and yet, I'll leave it at this: for now, all I need, is to fall asleep in the room I became who I am, in. Leopard print bedspread and all.

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