Sunday, September 7, 2014

the best place

The best place to turn 30 is in your parents home. After a night of festivities with friends and extended family, and a day of relaxing and just enjoying being with my parents, the most appropriate way to fall asleep is in your childhood bed (the one you only got after spending 3 months sleeping on the floor because you were too picky - even when you brought that crying fake baby home from school, that was supposed to be a lesson in not becoming pregnant early, and instead became the impetus for my choosing a bed)' staring at photos that have been hanging since you put them there in high school. not to mention, my bedspread is leopard print, so there's that.
I keep hearing 30 is incredible - the best of the best. Things happen. Things start moving in your favour and you become one of those people with imaginary things like 'disposable income' and 'a job you love'. And it starts to be the time for complete and utter wholeness.
And I have to say, that sounds pretty good - for someone who already has a pretty outrageously good life, I'm also pretty ready to see what the universe thinks will up the ante.
I'm totally sure that there is so much more to say about being 30, and yet, I'll leave it at this: for now, all I need, is to fall asleep in the room I became who I am, in. Leopard print bedspread and all.

Friday, August 29, 2014

things i'm in love with

this week was sheer insanity - i haven't felt a level stress much the same in a long long time. the good news is, it peaked with a showing of fifth element. and popcorn and beer and grilled cheese. the bad news is, i'm likely off meat/cheese/all things un-vegan again, in addition to wheat, spelt, anything that tastes good until i get a solid check in with my naturopath. again. i feel like i'm in second year university again, but with more wrinkles and less free time.

so, things i'm in love with this week....
these utterly beautiful, self published, DIY guide to at home tattooing. so wonderful. i'm about to embark on a home tattoo adventure (more details to come), so this is totally intriguing me.

this song is haunting my dreams - is it haunting if you like it? nevertheless, i want it to play all the time. all day. all night. all the time. (seriously).

i've become incredibly obsessed with graphic silk scarves lately, and this one is topping my list. just want to drape my whole body in things like this.

this incredible playlist by one of my favourite teachers (and PEOPLE) in vancouver - carolyn anne budgell.

Monday, August 25, 2014

the players

got to hang with some awesome DJs this past weekend while at work - captured DJ sad girl in her element. something about a DJ who moves in beat to the sounds she's creating makes me want to move constantly - in ways i have no control over.
i was fortunate to meet shawn and her crew mate nathan (DJ Ekali) this weekend, and am always totally impressed by people in the industry who give me such humble moments of interaction. i've spent a good amount of time surrounded by musicians, and garnered a certain amount of knowledge about the lifestyle and personality traits. by shawn, and nathan, i was impressed.
check out sad girl's soundcloud and her crew chapel sound. (and ekali's as well - of course)

Friday, August 22, 2014

things i'm in love with

crazy town.
need i saw more?
ok. i'll say more.
it's been a crazy week. crazy month. crazy everything. days off all over the place impacting my schedule to a degree that i feel all over the place. and it has me seeking inspiration - something to settle it all. so i've found art in all corners of the internet. to soothe and inspire.
so, things i'm in love with this week.
(spoiler alert: it's almost all art).
ART GIFS?!?! my life is so much better after having discovered this whole new world. love these from chris harnan.

this beautiful video and photos from lou & grey's lookbook. the colours and the mood, and the music, and the everything. i'm swooning.

watercolours by satsuki shibuya. the most beautiful.

photography by coral amiga, including this beautiful series of a trip around bulgaria.

happy weekending everyone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

anita sikma

while i have recently (it seems) lost all sense of inspiration for my own jewelry, i am constantly surrounded by those who ooze creativity. in chatting with a friend recently, he shared a designer he was quite fond of - and after learning more about her, i couldn't agree more.
creating pieces that are all one of a kind, anita sikma is a metal smith based out of vancouver. inspired by her apprenticeship within the setting of a garage (where i've often found inspiration), her pieces each reflect a mechanical, art deco style aesthetic. her rings, her pendants, everything she touches is a beautiful one of a kind artifact.

take a look at her goodies for purchase here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

friends and mario bros.

this past month was a different kind of month. being so distant from 'home' (oh gosh what is 'home'?), it is a rare occasion i have the chance to spend hours upon hours with friends who have known me as long as these. the past week has been filled with visitors - penpals and new friends from kentucky, travelers with weary legs and bodies coming for long periods of time, and friends with babies, taking time just for me. throughout the week, there was traveling and tourism, and talking and tearing with laughter.
and - after celebratory mcflurries and dripping candle wax (for birthdays) - upon arriving home last night after a week of visits, i was exhausted. exhausted from traveling and touring and talking and laughing.... but moreso exhausted from the idea of living without these people.
how does one go on without friends? without friendship?
seemingly drastic, i know. but it goes without saying that we can believe we spend our lives depending on others for fulfillment. and while we can find complete and utter happiness within our souls alone, there's nothing like a friend who makes you laugh until you cry.
in the past year, i've been able to experience the amazing process of finding friendship. in earlier parts of my life, i took for granted the back up i had at my disposal. there was never a desperation to finding and holding onto a friend. if i began a new job and didn't connect with any of my colleagues, i knew i would be ok - i had a friend i met for lunch regularly right across the street; i had friends to spend time with on weekends, and friends who lived in my house, and those who were willing to travel into the city with whom i could spend weekends. and they all alleviated the pressure. there was then, an ease to finding friendship in unlikely places - i could share my thoughts on work, the previous night's happenings, and what tomorrow's weather would bring with the woman i sat next to at work, without any fear. she may not like me, and that was ok - i had my friends, and didn't necessarily need to add to that group. when she became my (rather unlikely) friend, it was a bonus. like that pool of lives you gained from getting 3 stars in a row at the end of super mario bros. 3.  and perhaps that's what made it natural - no stress friendship.
then, you find yourself with no lives, running to the end of the level, knowing if you don't get that 3rd star at the end, you'll likely be killed by those hammer throwing turtles, and it will all be over. (i have spent a LOT of time on mario brothers wikipedia). then, the stress levels are high, you miss the star, and you have to start again. it's all over.
you can imagine what my friend making mission was like when i moved.
forced to begin again. no friends for fallback. i was flinging my best self out at all times - and let me tell you... my best self is not the greatest. it involves incredibly dry humour, awkward bruises ALL the time - most of which i have no explanation for, inappropriate behaviour in many situations, and then the odd vent about political appropriateness.
when you're in your late 20's and starting again, it sometimes feels like all is lost. like those safety tethers that you have worked your entire life to attain and hold so close onto, are suddenly letting go.... and suddenly so far away.
and there are misses. and there are moments where you think you've found someone, and you find it's not the case. there are near catastrophes, and fumbling moments of first date awkwardness, and lonely nights, and the odd overshare with a person who only ends up being a stranger by month two. and all of those things contribute to what it means to be with yourself wholly, and trust that even when those friends come - because, they will, albeit slowly, and not without hiccups - you are still you, and you are still enough, and you will be ok.
and, better yet, all of those things contribute to making you a better friend. a friend who appreciates without question, those people in your life who are the tethers. the ones who bring you back. the ones who laugh at your dry, inappropriate humor, and ignore your political rants (when appropriate), and share in the inappropriate humour... and those friends become both new and old. and somewhere in the middle, you get what it means to open yourself up to simply being a friend.
the rest, comes.

Friday, August 8, 2014

things i'm in love with

after a(n extra) long weekend at wanderlust whistler, and a few crazy weeks with work, and home, and lots of things happening with friends, and all of those things that get in the way of luxury time - what i call those moments in the day we get to spend alone, doing our own thing - i've succumbed to a summer cold. after a quick haircut (which - as i strongly feared, makes me look older than i am), and a quick peruse around my fave shop in vancouver, i finally headed home.... admitting to myself i needed to be in bed as much as possible.
and although you'd think bed would provide ample time for internet wandering, i spent most of it eating soup, blowing my nose, watching archer, and just feeling a bit sorry for myself.
so, without further adeui, things i'm in love with this week. (other than kleenex, soup, archer, and feeling a bit sorry for myself).

outrageous beauty in painting form, by meghan howland

haunting photography - reminiscent of the virgin suicides - by hannah kristinametz.

this quirky and weirdly beautiful video by vance joy that reminds me so much of a wes anderson film.

that's it for this week. oy vey. have a good one.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

music this week

this one is keeping me in the 'dance around my apartment, and keep confidence that music videos AREN'T going out of style'.... kinda mood.

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