Tuesday, January 13, 2015

30 days and 30 nights.

since jan 1st, i've been working through this 30 day minimalism challenge - brought to the internet by the wonderful website, into mind. i can't recall the exact manner by which i stumbled upon this gem of a thing, but i instantly made it my phone background (BOTH home screen AND lock screen - dedication, my friends), and committed to making it happen.
i've never ever ever been a minimalist. i have always loved things a bit busy. perhaps a result of my overactive mind, exercising it's right to bend in shapes unknown to the constraints of our extremely linear world. however, recently, i've seen what a streamlining of thoughts, things, and time can do for my brain - wonders, is the answer, for all you curious. and so, i committed to the VERY SLOW process of minimalism. slow, for me. i have a habit of committing to everything in the world, and dropping it suddenly within 3 weeks time - which, i suppose, makes me a pretty awesome 21st century human. it does not, however, create a sense of connection (or purpose, for that matter) in many things that i do.
so minimalism - if i am to do it true to me, and with intention - is something i can do step by step, little bit little, in manageable portions. like, for example, no tv all day. one day. THAT, i can do. if that leads to one less day a week, one less program a day, one less binge week a month, then for that, my life is in the upswings.
there's no better time to start than now. there is no late. there is no future. there is only today. join me.
(and, check out into mind for everything. it is a brilliant, thoughtful, explanatory, and overall compelling website that i adore totally).
here's a printable version, for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Monday, January 12, 2015

elastic heart

it's no secret that i hope the music video never ever ever ever ever goes out of style. what a video can convey about the song, the lyrics, and the emotion relating to it all. i'm entirely in love with sia's music, and more recently, her video for elastic heart - as though chandelier wasn't enough. i can't get enough. i've literally been watching non stop since they were released. impressed by maddie, and mostly already in love with shia - probably one of the best actors for abstract music videos of all time. i'd love to hear actors who rival. for your viewing pleasure (if you live under a rock, and have not yet seen them).

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

days off with real simple (i'm a middle aged house wife).

days off mean ACTUALLY focusing on things that i have let slide - baking, working on blog entries, and RELAXING (my stress levels in the past month have reached a peak and i haven't slept in almost a week).
expect things coming! not big things. just..... things. AND GOOD BAKING.

Monday, January 5, 2015

8 ways to rock 2015.

here to share my tips for living the best life in the world because i am an expert because my life is the best and i only have fun.
2-8. [fill in your own love and adventure and things that make you smile, here]
(LOOK at all the fun I have!! don't you want to have this much fun!! just follow my 8 steps - years of schooling went into creating them!! you can have fun and adventure and love too!!)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year. new pictionary game.

happy new year. from poor photography and middle aged people my parents are friends with. (and jeff!).

Sunday, December 28, 2014

what the holiday brings (alternative title: things i did this holiday; why my stress levels are high)

holidays are awesome. and this is why.....
raptors games with dad; commitments to myself at work; cheers for pod partner successes; snow storms for the first time back in the place that makes me feel whole; tiny christmas trees at grandma's house; ghost stories from grandma; christmas decorating with tiny cars (seriously - my grandma is the best woman alive); the cottage.... never stops looking amazing; my parents like fireball - so, there's that; ring toss games for FUN - for the little ones... i mean; quick trips to denver, and hotel rooms that make me feel pampered; plane trips that make the US look beautiful; snowy walks in ellicottville; attempting to get photos of three of my favourite nuggets - with 1 breakdown, 1 disinterest, and 1 misunderstanding - when you have a phone, what else matters??
but seriously. the holidays are amazing. ALL OF THE THINGS.
(i know, i know. that saying is done. i'll stop using it in 2015).

Friday, December 19, 2014

portlandia (no copyright infringement intended)

despite the fact that everyone i'd ever spoke to about portland, said i would love it, it took me over 30 years to get there (i'll relinquish control over the first 18 years, and blame my parents for that neglect). two friends and i woke up WAYYYYY too early (anything before 8am is too early) and drove down to get as much into a short visit as possible.
portland comes across as a seemingly  lackadaisical community of 'hipsters' - and yet, it does itself well in the manner of nurturing the artistic realm. small shops of locally made product, restaurants of incredibly high caliber without the pretentious air of those in other cities - and BOOKS. oh the books. between the coffee culture of seattle, the rain of vancouver, and the lovely people (minus that one guy in that weird shop who was a complete jerk), i was totally impressed. definitely worth another visit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

in the meantime, there was victoria

destination two of my whirlwind was victoria. having never been, i was pleasantly surprised by its distinguished identity - i anticipated it would be nearly identical to vancouver. what i was confronted with was a wonderful and unique community which embraced a small town mentality, while demonstrating characteristics of a large city.
it may have helped to spend time with a great friend while there, but in addition, i had a chance to just be - my favourite way to vacation. drink coffee, browse in shops, read books and wake up late in comfortable beds. THAT'S what vacation is about.
victoria stole my heart, and reminded me of the art of long and great conversation. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"You were a number, you weren’t a name; I wasnt Jim Quillen. Hell, I was Number 586 and nobody wanted that."

most who know me know my strange fascination with prison, crime, and psychology.... so the moment i had an opportunity to visit the infamous alcatraz, i was in (my version of) heaven.  a bizarre home for history and crime, it was a haunting moment in history. and yet, so beautiful. plants growing amongst the architecture; concrete standing in stark contrast to the sky and water surrounding. it was truly beautiful, what memories it held.
a moment in history i hope the country never lets go. stories of hope and retraint.

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