Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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I hope you find what you're lookin for when it all comes runnin down I hope you find it painted black on your window, or the lips of your lovers frown. Cuz if it dies in cold, when the clouds start to roll. Is it then that your soul, starts to bleed? Have you ever seen the President who killed your wounded child? Or the man that crashed your sisters plane claimin he was sent of god? And when she died in your arms, late that night in the dark, did you pray to your God to come home? Cuz it ain't fair to say, that these tracks are the same.
Chorus: So god if you can hear me crash this train. said god if you can hear me crash this train. 

Now a note to the President, and the Government, and the judges of this place. We're still waitin for you to bring our troops home, clean up that mess you made. Cuz it smells of blood and money across the Iraqi land. But its so easy here to blind us with your "United We Stand" and it ain't hard to see that this Country ain't free. [Chorus] To the mothers and the fathers who done the best they could. Raisin' youngins in a messed up world, it ain't so understood. So I'll cover my ears, and my eyes, pretend that loves the same.
Cuz with one courts signature, it all becomes erased. And it ain't hard to tell, when its love we sell. [Chorus]

Friday, June 27, 2014

i'm a guest

some crazy stuff going on right now.... one of which is my guest blogging for the lululemon lab. i'm sure it'll be comprised of a few rantings of a maniac. for now, check out my first entry regarding the recent art battle in vancouver.
just some proof that i haven't disappeared - i'm being (somewhat) productive with my life.

Monday, June 23, 2014

it's been a while

things have been a changin'. things have come into perspective, and out of my realm of understanding. i spent 2.5 weeks in ontario reconnecting with what was important, and even within that time, spent a chunk of it re-evaluating due to events and circumstances.
can't wait to share what's coming, what's being left behind, and what we can all learn from that. 
consistency is key. that, i will promise you. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

things i'm in love with

this week has been insanity. ups and downs, and working hours and hours a day. i don't remember the last time i sat, for the sake of sitting. funny how we create our own destiny, isn't it?
things i'm in love with this week. 
the amazing art from the major lazer/pharrel collab video. so. good.

this amazing series on cup of jo, by artist emily mcdowell. 

i could watch this gif for hours (by hannah stouffer)

this amazing and wonderful commencement address, from george saunders. 
"One day she was there, next day she wasn’t. End of story. Now, why do I regret that? Why, forty-two years later, am I still thinking about it? Relative to most of the other kids, I was actually pretty nice to her. I never said an unkind word to her. In fact, I sometimes even (mildly) defended her. But still. It bothers me. So here’s something I know to be true, although it’s a little corny, and I don’t quite know what to do with it: What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness. Those moments when another human being was there, in front of me, suffering, and I responded . . . sensibly. Reservedly. Mildly."

to being artistic, honest, energetic and spacious.... and. KIND. happy weekend. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

things i'm in love with

a week spent working hard to keep up, and make up for time spent in bed all last weekend. and, all the while, trying to desperately find a doctor in vancouver (shout out: if anyone has a great dr in vancouver accepting new patients, i NEED TO KNOW). this is the first time i've spent on the computer all week - and yet, i've been thinking about, and being sent links for some of the best stories, and inspirations all week. i've also been feeling like i need to kick things up a notch with colour and patterns in my day to day (prints on my walls and clothes alike), so i've been totally obsessed.

things i'm in love with this week
a little kaleidoscope type theme i'm on this week - colours, 70's style. can't get enough of it.
these awesome bouquets - a bit more personalized than the average flowers. i'm a big fan of bringing flowers wherever i go, and these top it all... how to personalize plants/flowers as gifts.

these amazing galaxy nails from cup of joe. i had a colleague ask recently, 'are your nails ALWAYS done?'.... and i had to nod. i don't know when i became that girl, but i love that polish totally cleans me up. i typically wear all black and grey and having lavendar nails (the current colour) helps me choose my accessories, as well as giving me the ability to throw my hair in a ponytail and still look put together. this galaxy look will be my next trip to the nail table.
elizabeth amento's art is totally inspiring me lately... i'm obsessed with each of her collage pieces. and everything she does seems to be perfect.

the MOST beautiful, nicole richie. i'm obsessed. totally obsessed. and my nails are the same colour as her hair currently. obvs soul twins. her spread in paper magazine is utterly and completely jaw-dropping.

(if anyone knows the source of this photo, please let me know! found here)

i've had the pleasure of working with deanna palkowski, and i'm always so amped to see people appreciating the cool ass chick she is. love this piece from garmentory on her. 

that's all this week - hope everyone has an amazing weekend. enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


want to see (more regularly) what i've been up to lately? you can find me on instagram... i'm sharing daily excitement, what i'm reading (#jamiereadsweeksworth), clothing, working out, and the hilarity that is my day to day. it's not all flowers and mountains...... well, that's not true. it almost all is flowers and mountains.
who are your favourite instagram accounts lately?

fuzzy trees and chocolate factories.

today i went for a long walk. i needed some sort of outdoor time, and set out with the sole mission of finding a coffee shop who also potentially made bubble tea (i know - crazy requests). it wasn't much, and often when i set out on these missions, i know in my gut it's simply a reason to go.
i walked in a circle. a giant loop of a busy street. i stopped into a chocolate factory, and peered into the windows of old offices that reminded me of my dad's in the 90's. i picked flowers (and then ran when i was caught), and i took some photos with a camera that hadn't seen the light of day in a long while. i stopped into places i had been curious about, and i took moments to stare. 
for those of you who know vancouver, you will also know there are these huge, beautiful trees in the forest. they have unending spiralling limbs that reach out to the sky... and often in all other directions. they are strangely beautiful in that way... but best of all, they are covered in what appears to be fuzz. a warm, full sweater of green coziness. and they never fail to remind me of dr. suess. 
they are mystical trees that belong in children's books, and everytime i come upon one i feel as though i've been transported to some other world - one where everyone's verbiage rhymes, creatures are interested in fun and community, and everything is fuzzy and beautiful. and while i always stop to admire (and try to capture in photographs) how these trees make me feel, i rarely just bask in what pulls my heart to them. 
today, i stopped. i stood outside the chocolate factory, and stared at their enormous fuzzy tree, and reflected on how that alone made me feel like i was in a rohld dahl novel. why had i never tried to touch how fuzzy those trees were? why have i never ever imagined the mythical creatures who likely make a home in that tree? why have i never ever noticed that climbing that tree would be WAY more comfortable and cozy than the trees i climbed as a child? (i know, i know. this is getting weird). 
that is all to say, had i stopped at my true destination - a small cafe near my house who sells bubble tea and has free internet and functions as a perfect space for writing and being 'alone' - i would have never stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and stared up at the fuzzy tree outside the chocolate factory for 3 minutes straight. and i never would have let myself escape to those places that my mind so (obviously) desperately needed. 
i can't just walk. i need a destination. and i know that reflects heavily as a small microcosm of how i live my life. i've always needed an end. a goal or a meaningful moment at the end of the tunnel. so then, what would happen were i to let myself meander? would i find fuzzy trees outside of chocolate factories, and have moments in my own timeline where i could share the craziness inside my head when i actually allow myself to just be?
i had a conversation with a dear friend of mine today - he shared his plans for his new life adventure. he left his job, his wife asked for a leave of absence, and they are embarking on a journey of what it would look like if they truly allowed themselves to just 'be'. they are travelling across the country, with a tent, and eachother. he asked me what it was like when i did it... and it occurred to me that i didn't even remember. i remembered the end goal of the journey - the day i was proudly able to pronounce a job, a home, a meaning to my new adventure. what i struggled with was sharing the details and the feelings of the trip to arrive at that point in time. 
remember to meander. to allow yourself to just be. to enjoy what is there, when it is there, and when you perhaps (or more likely even) least expect it. while we hear this in overwhelming regularity, it's days like this when i reminded by my own subconscious that those people - the advice givers, and quote makers, and life pushers - they were all right. there will be days when i forget to 'smell the roses'. 
and then, there will be days when i stop and stare.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

things i'm in love with

this week's involved a lot of sleepless nights, for no good reason. i slept 10 hours on tuesday night, simply because i was catching up on about 2 weeks worth.... and still woke up with black circles under my eyes. and then, i spent all day yesterday throwing up in bed, so needless to say, i'm in need of a god sleep.
i digress. things i'm in love with this week.

this little nook, which compels in me an urge for light, solitude, and a GREAT stool. perfect DIY for those who don't have enough room for a proper table, or balcony, but DO have a great window to stare out of.

this movie - the dark matter of love - which was one of my 'in bed for the day' movies, and i cried the entire time. a beautiful, heartbreaking, promising, loving, careful movie about the process of adopting older children into a home - even more, children from russia, into an american home. totally worth the watch.

this little ditty that's been making the rounds, and no matter how many times i watch it, i get all swoony and teary eyed. every day i say 'hello/goodmorning', and 'thank you' to the bus driver... and rarely do i get a response. and that's ok. that's not the important part. i read an article saying that only (something like) 5% of riders say 'thank you' on transit. and i'm not going to be one of those people.

i literally JUST planted my little seeds for my balcony garden - i've been gardening in small SMALL spaces for as long as i've been living on my own (12 years - whoa), and i love every second of it. while i dream of one day having a garden for veggies and chickens i can raise my own, for now, container gardening works for me.... and it works well. i love this article on small space gardening.
hope everyone enjoys the weekend immensely.

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